Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyPet App?


MyPet is an app that pet owners utilize to connect with other pets and the community. It will be available for download from the Google Play Store and the App Store later this year.

Can I use MyPet App if I have a pet that's not a dog (ie. Cat, bird etc)?


MyPet currently uses the Connect feature exclusively for dogs, however, other features are available for all pets, such as, the calendar and community feature.

What do I do when I match with another pet in my area? 


Congrats! You’re one step closer to meeting a new furry friend. Once you have matched with another person you will have the option to message and set up a play date. We suggest finding a local pet park or recreational area to meet and see how compatible the friendship can be.

How much info can I know about the owner of the pet I've connected with?


While on the connect feature, there will be an option to see the profile of the pet and the owner. Every user is prompted to fill out the profile in order to make connecting with a new person as easy as possible.

What type of reminders can I receive with MyPet App?


MyPet sends reminders of ways to improve your pets health and stay on top of all pet duties. You will only receive pet-related reminders and notifications.


What if I have more than one pet?


We are currently working on the feature to add multiple pets in one household.